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Transform your Guest WiFi into an automated and powerful marketing tool

You’ll get the tools you need to collect contacts faster and engage customers more effectively, even if they only connect to your WiFi once. Boost your sales in real time when you send automated offers and promotions via SMS or email to your customers based on visit behavior. Access your analytics dashboard to set message triggers and to analyzecustomer data, including visiting patterns and frequency

Starting at $99/month, 25% off your first month!

What Insite Media CONNECT Can Do For Your Business

• Increase average customer spend
• Attract repeat customers
• Increase customer reviews
• Grow your email newsletter list
• Grow Social media followers and engagement
• Learn valuable customer data
• Gather data to improve in-store operations and promotions

How Insite Media CONNECT Works

Plug & Play – We provide you with a WiFi marketing kit ready to use.  Simply plug our Access Point into your existing internet modem and an available electrical outlet near your modem and your business is ready to offer FREE WiFi and start collecting customer data in minutes.

Collect Data – Your guests log in with their phone number, Facebook or email. Redirect them to a website or display a branded and customized landing page.

Automated Marketing – Customers are then sent automated emails or SMS messages (coupons, events, promotions, and offerings) that are triggered by their visiting behavior (such as visitor frequency, time of visit or dwell time). 

Insights & Reporting – Set and manage triggered messages and view insights in your Insite Media CONNECT cloud-based dashboard. View  total WiFi check-ins, total contacts collected, popular WiFi times, average visit duration, average number of visits per visitor, total new visitors, return visitors and more!

examples of businesses who offer free wifi and benefit from wifi marketing

Insite Media CONNECT’s WiFi Marketing platform is perfect for the following businesses:

Restaurants & Hotels
Grow customer loyalty, social following and user reviews for your restaurant or hotel.
Retail & Services
Boost sales with promotions and redeemable coupons.
Travel & Transportation
Analyze traveler data and send targeted, timely messages such as alerts and promotions.
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Guests connect to your WiFi by opting in with an email address, phone number, FB account or customize a login. An Access Point (AP) then tracks frequency and duration of device visits, allowing you to market to them via text or email. Our sensor even captures anonymous footfall and dwell time from visitors who DON’T connect to your WiFi!
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Insite Media CONNECT automates targeted marketing campaigns to your customers via triggers that are set in our cloud based portal. Serve customers the right message at the right moment – from minutes after connecting to your WiFi to days after leaving your venue! Reward return visits, thank your customers, alert customers, increase your customer reviews and social media presence, and more.
analyze captured data and learn about guests, in your cloud based dashboard
Manage Insite Media CONNECT and analyze visitor analytics in a cloud based dashboard. Get real-time customer data including average visit duration, last seen date, total times visited and more. Use the demographic and behavioral data to increase customer engagement and market to your visitors. Export your valuable data at any time.

Send Timed and Automated Marketing Messages!

Create it, set it and forget it – automate marketing campaigns for your clients. Timed marketing messages bring customers back, adds additional revenue, and grows your business.

Send marketing messages via text/picture messaging, Constant Contact,  AWeber, Mailchimp, Webhooks and more!

• Trigger a message upon re-entering – ideal for coupon offers
• Trigger a message after exiting – ideal for customer review requests
• Trigger a text message to those who haven’t returned in 30 days – ideal for customer retention.

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Mobile offers are redeemed 10x more frequently
than print offers.

Source: eMarketer

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“96% of customers prefer locations that offer free Wi-Fi and return to stores that offer it“

Source: Yankee Group

98% of all SMS messages are opened, but only
20% of emails are looked at

Source: VentureBeat

In Waiting room

A 2% increase in customer retention has
the same impact as decreasing costs by 10%

Source: HubSpot

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94% of text messages are opened within 90 seconds.

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