What data can we analyze with WiFi Marketing?

Number of visitors, number of new visitors, number of returning visitors, visitor frequency, visitor dwell time, visitor age and gender and more.

Will this affect my current WiFi setup?

No, Insite Media CONNECT opens up a new WiFi network. Your current systems will remain unchanged.

What data does Insite Media CONNECT collect?

This depends on what you require the user to log in. A typical FaceBook login will gather a user’s basic profile information such as name, email, profile picture, gender, and more.

What do you suggest for time and data allowance?

We suggest 1G data allowance per user to allow for streaming and 1.5 hours per session. A user will need to log back in when their time allowance has been reached for the session.

Can we exclude staff devices from analytics?

Yes, this can be done by registering their devise MAC address in your dashboard.  Excluding owner and staff devices will accurate data.

Are you sending out marketing material to my customers?

No, we do not use your data nor do we sell your collected data to third parties.

What if I have multiple locations?

We offer a discount for clients who need 3 more access points. Types businesses who typically need more than one access point are hotels (pool area, lobby, restaurant) and car dealerships (showroom and service area).

Can I update the splash page?

Absolutely, you can make the login/splash page match the look and feel of your brand with your company logo, background and colors.

What is a typical Insite Media CONNECT marketing campaign?

All campaigns are customizable for your business. A typical campaign would include messages to first time customers, frequent customers, and customers who haven’t visited your business in a while. You also have the opportunity to send holiday messages, alerts and more to your guests. Once we have collected a little data from your customers we will get you started ASAP.

What area of coverage does an Access Point have?

Our access points cover 5,000 square feet.