Insite Media CONNECT’s WiFi marketing equipment looks just like a wireless router. No password is needed to connect to your guest WiFi, instead, when someone attempts to connect they are greeted by your branded login page. An email address, phone number or Facebook login, along with a  required Terms and Conditions sign-off are required to log in.

Our sensor technology will detect WiFi enabled smartphones of anyone in range in order to provide interesting analytical insights in your dashboard. Information of all visitors such as the number of visitors, visit frequency and visit duration are provided to give a better understanding of customer behavior and foot traffic, whether the visitor connected to your WiFi or not.

Our setup is quick and easy. We plug an Access Point (AP) into your router and find your network.  Within 48 hours we provide you with login credentials to your own WiFi Analytics Dashboard where you access from any device or browser to measure customer behavior, set marketing triggers for automated marketing campaigns and view and analyze audience analytics.

WiFi analytics will allow you to reinforce your marketing channels, tailor your marketing based on customer behaviors and serve customers the right message in the right moment,  whether it’s by text or email.