Get to know the customers that visit your business

Login and manage your guest WiFi 24/7 from anywhere in the world from your own cloud based dashboard with analytics and automated marketing tools. Analytics are a crucial component of Insite Media CONNECT! Getting to know who your customers are and how to best market to them is vital.

The Right Message at the Right Time
With our automated campaign tools, a text or email message can be sent based on visitor behavior.  Send offers, digital coupons, alerts, news. Reward loyal customers, brings customers back who have not visited in while,  send a review request and more.

Measure Customer Behavior
Collect data about every customer who enters your establishment carrying a WiFi enabled device. Our sensor “sees” their device even if they don’t ever log-in to your free WiFi.

Build Customer Profiles
Automatically build customer profiles based on the data collected. Length of customer stay, day last visited, frequency of visits, and more can all be tracked.

wifi visitor login stats overview example of
example of visitor profile